An elegant necklace with a trendy mix of semi-precious stones, earrings in matching colours, a silk patchwork scarf or shawl with fake fur detailing: the quintessential finishing touches for any fashionable outfit.

And that’s what Titto creates, the Belgian fashion accessory company that has unfailingly provided the fashion-conscious woman with exactly what she wants with its unique collections of jewellery and scarves.

Each creation is unique and absolute added value. 

Boutiques enjoy flexible ordering options and short delivery times.

Creative designs, quality materials and meticulous customer service: that is Titto’s formula for success.


The new Titto summer collection 2023 was built on five different themes:

Immersive - Other Worlds - Transcend - Daydream - Digital Human



Inspiration on the extraordinary wonders of our world: the wild outdoors. We feel interconnectedness with the universe by viewing the night sky and contemplating our very existence. Wild swimming and submerging ourselves in water are therapeutic as we blur the edges between us and nature. Water as a force for live stillness and movement.

The fluidity of water is reflected in glossy fabrics, finest chiffons or translucent synthetics that are designed to move with the body.

In the air and in the water, a meeting of special effects based on around a palette of blues and saturated hues. Weighty liquid qualities, fluid knits and shiny fluid viscose yarns play with iridescent reflections.

Colours are submerged in summer darks and infinite shades: limitless black, twilight blue and alga green, the darkness is interrupted with a red glow, a volcanic eruption and a vibrant ocean turquoise.

Softer colours like off-white are healing and reflective shades of glassy blue.

Other Worlds

This is all about unearthly thinking. How can we assimilate our digital and real selves? This is often artificially intelligently driven creativity that responds to environmental and social challenges. Aesthetically, it plays with opposites: brutal rawness meeting artificial, earthly meeting unearthly.

Colours derived from dyes that are extracted from natural sources.

The palette has a warm and cool neutrality. Soft pales and complex neutrals are warmly filtered: pinkish glow, pale mushroom, copper ore, mineral green, warm stone grey-silvery-lilac tint, and waxy yellow.


A space for dreams and magical thinking, the desire to dress up, botanical studies come to force again. A space that celebrates a lovely ‘strangeness’. Strangely romantic, dressed up, magical.

Colours have an elegant palette with a vintage flavour: lavender, antique pink, dusty blue, faded velvet yellows are ultra-feminine. There is a luxurious rich ochre, sienna and dark chocolate. A calming glass green is set against a simple linen neutral.


This story focusses on honest simple solutions to the Eco issue, buy less, waste less, share more and be prepared to pay more. It pays attention to the importance of relaxation, the perfect moment, a time for calmness, listen to the birds, watch the butterflies and smell the grass. Gently respectful of others; caring for each other and the earth!

Colours: sun touched, filtered colours with a welcome freshness: China white, clear sky blue, dewy green, filtered lilac, soft peach, sunny yellow, pale wood, India pink.

Digital Human

We need to start creating again! A refusal to ‘go back to normal’ opens up a space where we are free to explore everything. We can be accepted for exactly who we feel we are. This is the happy part of the collection. Crafting together new expressions. Playfully, filled with boundary-less optimism and explosive energy.

The result is fun, sometimes provocative, but always uplifting. escapist, just for fun.

Colours are loud and proud, amplified and full of fun. Pulsating shades of intense magenta, electric blue, acid lime, jelly bean green, orange mixed with synthetic pastel hues of soft green and plastic pink.

Nieuwe Abelestraat 20
8800 Roeselare
+32 51 23 29 00

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