An elegant necklace with a trendy mix of semi-precious stones, earrings in matching colours, a silk patchwork scarf or shawl with fake fur detailing: the quintessential finishing touches for any fashionable outfit.

And that’s what Titto creates, the Belgian fashion accessory company that has unfailingly provided the fashion-conscious woman with exactly what she wants with its unique collections of jewellery and scarves.

Each creation is unique and absolute added value. 

Boutiques enjoy flexible ordering options and short delivery times.

Creative designs, quality materials and meticulous customer service: that is Titto’s formula for success.


The new Titto winter collection 2022 was built on four different themes:

Tender - Earth - Making a mark - Festively



The Tender part is discretely glamorous, walking towards a more emphatic future. The colours have a sensual neutrality, these are all winter pastels like skin neutrals, feather greys, soft blues and gentle greens. It feels minimalistic but it has the textural quality luxurious wool scarves. There are beautiful romantic pieces. Like the gentle asymmetric feminine jewellery; these are made of a combination of freshwater pearls, shell pearls and light weight chains. There are light pink bracelets made of natural rose quartz.


A love of simple artisanship. The idea was to use semi precious stones that reflect the sustainability and the circularity of materials as extending the life of the jewellery.  The colours are blended earth friendly. Colours like, redwood, golden brown, thyme, downtown brown, ginger and denim blue. A new item in the collection are the protective padded scarves. Some scarves have furry fabrics with tie dye effects in earthy tones and some have soft touch knits with a new original kind of panther prints. Warm comfortable capes with checks in warm golden brown. Coloured chains in denim blue, thyme, warm red and downtown brown mixed with leather ropes. Jewellery made of dark brown-yellow tiger eye, red tiger eye, red agate, camel-red aventurine and yellow jade. The natural stones are mixed with small pendants in gold. Other natural stones are used for necklaces and bracelets like the dark brown popcorn agate, light grey chrysanthemum stone and yellow jade. Bracelets are made of green-blue synthetic chrysocolla stones. Some necklaces are mixed with off-white coral or fossil, red tiger agate, camel-red aventurine and yellow jade all come with a mix of chains and perlefines. There are also pure necklaces that are only made of natural stones like jasper, brown and black agate with big pendants in agate.

Making a mark

Positive activism with energetic bright colours. Reflective colours moving from glowing luminosity to velvet misty pale colours. Scarves become artworks and have power-prints, watery prints and wrinkled effects. There are ultralight soft big scarves with expressive colourful checks in warm yellow, marigold orange, paradise pinks. Silk scarves have prints of naïf floral bouquets. Necklaces and bracelets are made of transparent heart shaped pearls in a mix of vibrant colours. Colourful necklaces have a mix of natural semi precious stones in petal pink, lavender mist, orange glow, ice metallic, grey infinity blue and yellow.


Picture light-hearted, playful and slightly clashing accessories and you’ll immediately know what ‘Retro Rave’ is all about. Bold colours like red, orange and bright yellow are expertly alternated with nude undertones. Think vibrant shades – but nothing fluorescent – that provide that little bit of extra power that we all need sometimes. ‘Retro Rave’ uses shades that make you long for freedom and that transport you to a time where literally anything goes.

Nieuwe Abelestraat 20
8800 Roeselare
+32 51 23 29 00

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