TITTO is a design from Jessie Lecomte.

After graduating from the Antwerp Academy in 1996, Lecomte honed her skills working with Belgium’s top fashion houses before starting her own label in 2007.  Taking inspiration from contemporary art and ethnographic photography as well as pop culture, her vision was marked from the start by its sophistication.

An elegant necklace with a trendy mix of semi-precious stones, earrings in matching colours, a silk patchwork scarf or shawl with fake fur detailing: the quintessential finishing touches for any fashionable outfit.

And that’s what Titto creates, the Belgian fashion accessory company that has unfailingly provided the fashion-conscious woman with exactly what she wants with its unique collections of jewellery and scarves.

Each creation is unique and absolute added value. 

Boutiques enjoy flexible ordering options and short delivery times.

Creative designs, quality materials and meticulous customer service: that is Titto’s formula for success.


The winter collection for Titto FW 2023 has 5 themes:

Extravagant, modern glamour - Flourish – Strange attraction - Equilibrium - Nocturnal.


Extravagant, modern glamour

For winter 2023, we launch with an explosive expression of maximalism and eye-catching jewellery that can’t be missed. We focused on euphoric, rebellious and noisy. “The modern glamour”: Studio 54 disco pieces in fluorescent colours from the eighties in oversized chains. New are the chains that have the color effect of oil stains. There are new chain necklaces with links in fuchsia, orange and khaki green.

Inspirations for the strongly coloured plain scarves are the rainbow colours of insects such as: beetle green, dazzling blue, ultraviolet, race red, diva blue, fuchsia and bright orange. There are scarves with soft and multicoloured checks in extravagant fantasy threads with fringes. Scarves with prints of big chains in colours like vivid green, fuchsia and dazzling blue.


Dialogue with nature: the health of the planet is critical, and earth activism groups fight to reset our relationship to nature. We see product development being given more space doing things slowly and carefully, to move forward in the most sustainable way with nature as inspiration. These are all good for the soul. Slowed down, nourishing, having a positive impact on our wellbeing.

This inspiration brings us to use earthy tones: gathering greens, loam, soil, sharp mustard, cappuccino, sea spray, avocado, tree green, hunter green, Ceylon yellow and chipmunk. Scarves have animal inspired prints in moss-like colours. There are soft fake fur scarves with panter prints and scarves with floral motifs. For jewellery we used  semi-precious stones in a mix of rich chestnut brown and four greens with a touch of fluorescent yellow. New are the original golden chains with bright green links in the centre. Bracelets made in vivid green in the form of a big chain, also new are the brown leather bracelets.

Strange attraction

Freedom to escape all known codes, fantasies can be played out. The unknown becomes an exciting place to be. There is a feeling of avant garde sensitivity that is innocent and play-full. A place to stretch the imagination and dream. Scarves in gentle dermal tones and chalky blues are disrupted by acid yellow and sharp coral. Clear lavenders land in a landscape of cool greyness and warm powdery taupe.

The scarves have unusual checks in powdery tweeds, structural pleating in dreaming colours, ribs, fluffy mohair, brushed wool.

The jewellery is made of natural semi-precious stones mixed with freshwater pearls. There are also chain necklaces in a mix of soft black, beige and off white.  


The work of restoring and reviving products becomes key to wellness and overall health. Responsible design.

Scarves are made in soft shades of the winter country such as beige, blue-grey, bone white, wax yellow. Non-seasonal gender change scarves are becoming more important. Made to last, double face color scarves and soft check scarves. Capes are comfortable and warm in new checks with beautiful fringes. Necklaces are made of square form links and have a matching bracelet and earrings.


In the quietest hours between the darkness and the daylight we find subtle tinted colours appearing. Nature appears to pause. We notice the magical and mystical and we can absorb the ancient knowledge in the dark. Wintering, mysterious colours from the shadowy darkness like coal black, inky blue, and deep forest green, drifting towards muted dusky orange and blue. Scarves have diffused prints, lurex yarns and a lot are made in plain colours. There are bracelets made in silver chains. New are the necklaces made of leather ropes with natural black semi-precious stones.

Nieuwe Abelestraat 20
8800 Roeselare
+32 51 23 29 00

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