TITTO is a design from Jessie Lecomte.

After graduating from the Antwerp Academy in 1996, Lecomte honed her skills working with Belgium’s top fashion houses before starting her own label in 2007.  Taking inspiration from contemporary art and ethnographic photography as well as pop culture, her vision was marked from the start by its sophistication.

An elegant necklace with a trendy mix of semi-precious stones, earrings in matching colours, a silk patchwork scarf or shawl with fake fur detailing: the quintessential finishing touches for any fashionable outfit.

And that’s what Titto creates, the Belgian fashion accessory company that has unfailingly provided the fashion-conscious woman with exactly what she wants with its unique collections of jewellery and scarves.

Each creation is unique and absolute added value. 

Boutiques enjoy flexible ordering options and short delivery times.

Creative designs, quality materials and meticulous customer service: that is Titto’s formula for success.


The summer collection for Titto SS 2024 has 5 themes:

Psychedelic retro - Playful nautical - Design for longevity – Macrocosm - Futropy


Psychedelic retro with Tropical touch

Aesthetic energy of tropical flowers and palm leaves are giving a positive vibe to the collection. We think about a free design laboratory with a joyful expression. For this theme we used happy colours like sizzling orange, red, fuchsia, cobalt blue and sea green.

Playful nautical

The sea and its fauna have made a fresh start and could lead to the future of innovative design. Fluidity and resilience will influence fashion and materials for jewelry. The colours are ocean and sea life inspired and reflect all kinds of blue, from ocean blue to deep indigo, light sky blue, deep inky navy, soft pastel aqua, watery blue, light sea green and vibrant yellow.

Design for longevity

In uncertain, chaotic times, people crave the simple things and look for a simple life. They want to live in the countryside again and focus on the essentials. Colours are trans-seasonal, monochrome, muddy and blackened, shaded and murky tan, tawny brown, earthy skin tones, sandy warm neutrals, warm brown, linen and off white.


“80Ties mix, pop, surreal, inspired on a funky town.” These are the words. Coloured digital prints, vibrant and virtual. Mixing neon tones with digital darks. 


The digital and physical world converge in a dreamy, calming and free-spirited direction. Inspired by the happiness of holiday memories, the lightness and freshness and energy of the sun. Colours are hazy pastels, and have a digitalized feel in tonal harmonies of soft pink, pale blues, sunlight inspired pastels that blur into each other.

Nieuwe Abelestraat 20
8800 Roeselare
+32 51 23 29 00

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