When thinking about Titto, the words ‘Belgian’, ‘playful’ and ‘inclusive’ instantly come to mind and things are no different in Fall/Winter 2021. For the ninth season in a row, designer Sandra Buyck presents elegant accessories that we’d happily welcome into our bubble.

The jewellery collection includes both timeless classics (think: pearl necklaces and pendants) and eye-catching trend pieces such as link bracelets and velvet accents). There’s only one rule: the bigger, the better. With the warmer pieces, it is simplicity that does the talking. While ‘less is more’ is the key message there, the scarves, arm cuffs and capes keep things feeling luxurious. Animal prints, colour blocking, glitter detailing and (faux) fur set the tone for the soft wintery pieces.

Since Titto’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection contains no less than 300 pieces, you’re bound to find something that’ll sweep you off your feet. The accessories are made to go together effortlessly – meaning more options, more layers and more fun.


This autumn, mixed materials remain the key element in Titto’s designs. Resin and gemstones are combined with metal pendants, delicate flowers, playful pompoms and timeless mother of pearl. In the meantime, leather, velvet and links wrapped in silk provide that cosy wintery feeling. Velvet - one of the newcomers of the season - adds a very welcome layer of warmth and comfort. And ebony also makes its first appearance: it is crafted and polished as if it were a precious stone.

Colourwise, Titto’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection remains rooted in nature. Soft cremes, blues and rusty shades pop up throughout the various themes while marble, crackled stones and animal prints take the lead. Each piece can be associated with one of the four themes mentioned below – although Titto’s strength really lies in providing endless combinations. Mixing and matching pieces is possible within a theme, but the Titto woman is invited to explore different themes to find her perfect combination. How about a leopard print scarf and ditto earrings? Or a long necklace with organza flowers and a bracelet with beautiful agate? Wear whatever you want, whenever you want.


Bio Planetarium

Titto’s first source of inspiration for Fall/Winter 2021 is the earth in all her various shapes. ‘Bio Planetarium’ puts the primal elements front and centre, which shows in shades like mushroom, cocoa, sand, emerald, olive and evergreen. They work their way onto anything from jewellery to scarves, and even the textures and prints give a little nod to our planet. Crackled stones and the meandering lines that naturally flow through agate, are an excellent example of that.

Lady Lounge

Another thing that really shines through in Titto’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection is femininity. Sweet pastel shades are everywhere, from powdery pink to lilac countered by deep burgundy. Ballet, tulip, daisy, wisteria, ivory and lemon creme are central colours that blend together effortlessly. The jewellery translates femininity into transparency and sensual shapes, while the scarves showcase delicate weaves in cosy materials that you never want to let go off.

Ancestral Awareness

‘Ancestral Awareness’ is where drama comes to play. Dreams take the upper hand and transport you back to the seventeenth century, where baroque prevailed. Strong winter tones like deep blue, dark brown and rust take centre stage and are softened by calm creme shades. These magical colours instantly lift any outfit to a higher level – for out-of-this-world beauty, from head to toe.

Retro Rave

Picture light-hearted, playful and slightly clashing accessories and you’ll immediately know what ‘Retro Rave’ is all about. Bold colours like red, orange and bright yellow are expertly alternated with nude undertones. Think vibrant shades – but nothing fluorescent – that provide that little bit of extra power that we all need sometimes. ‘Retro Rave’ uses shades that make you long for freedom and that transport you to a time where literally anything goes.

Nieuwe Abelestraat 20
8800 Roeselare
+32 51 23 29 00

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