An elegant necklace with a trendy mix of semiprecious stones, earrings in matching colours, a silk patchwork scarf or shawl with fur detailing: the quintessential finishing touches for any fashionable outfit. And that's what Titto creates.

The Belgian fashion accessory company that has unfailingly provided the fashion-conscious woman with exactly what she wants for the past decade with its unique collections of jewellery and scarves.
Luxurious and fashionable yet trendy and accessible at the same time.

She is passionate about fashion and has an eye for fine materials. It is Marianne Priem, designer at De Spiegelaere and the face of Titto.


Whether you prefer big and colourful or would rather go for sweet and romantic, Titto has the right accessory for every type of woman. Titto still offers its well-known style, which is translated into a summer look.

Cast your mind to the rich, earthy tones that characterise Marrakesh of our Berber Chique collection: natural summer leather, animal prints,... For those preferring loads of colour and big prints: just look at the current '70s revival collection.

We suggest Titto’s Floral Fancy range if you'd like to keep it sober and small with pastel colours and English Roses. Should you choose to go back to basics, then opt for our white canvas range: pure and romantic. For a tougher look, try the Artisan Blue range: 50 shades of blue, deep indigo or washed out jeans. Tough and seductive at the same time.

Titto doesn’t shy away from mixing and matching different trends again this season, without losing sight of the essence - purity and back to the roots.



Nothing more romantic than the white canvas collection. A lovely white dress with a small collar or a fraction more daring with a see-through top.

The scarves in this collection complete your all-white look, paired with crystal earrings and a delicate white bracelet. Summery, pure and fresh.


Pastel is the code word here. Different, but without going over the top. Dresses with little flowers or animal prints... Just imagine yourself in the middle of the abundance of a botanical garden in full bloom.

Titto joins the pastel trend with long earrings and delicate pieces in mint green, soft pink or lavender purple. Spring colours are the prelude to a sultry summer.


This summer hails the denim revolution. Deep indigo blue makes its return in trousers, dresses, shirts and jumpsuits. The Titto Artisan blue collection upgrades your jeans outfit in no time.

Jewellery in 50 shades of blue, perfect for combining with your favourite faded jeans. Or how about an ink blue scarf to complete the outfit? Artisan Blue, for the basics and so much more.


This stylish collection is based on earthy tones and warm, deep colours. A big summer hat in combination with the right sandals. Titto joins this trend, but not blindly...

Titto always remains stylish. A scarf in a warm tone or a big necklace in a neutral earth hue. Totally chic, totally Titto.


Big, bigger, biggest! The '70s are back - even though they never really went out of fashion.

An avalanche of colour and prints, anything goes! High heels and flared jeans. Lots of cane, lots of earth tones, big earrings, long necklaces.

With these accessories, summer is bound to be hot, with you feeling you are on the coast of Saint-Tropez.


Summer is here, so out with the old, in with the new! Exactly Titto’s motto, since this season we launch something new: the Titto Fine collection.

And what’s in a name: a new fine line adaptable to whatever you feel like at any minute. A single fine bracelet, or an entire set.

The necklaces are also long and fine, and go with almost any style. Mix and match to your heart’s content with this sober and minimalist collection. Just a touch out there, but nonetheless always on trend and totally fashionable.
A little different, but still totally Titto.


With the colorful Titto Sun Collection, Titto makes every woman dream of an endless summer full of romantic nights and eating ice cream cones on lazy beach days.

No matter what your plans are and in which mood you will be… the Titto Sun Collection offers the perfect scarf or pareo to complete your outfit for any sweet occasion.

The scarves are made of 100% silk in 16 eye-catching bright colors. Each scarf or pareo is offered in a compact transparant bag.

Let the summer begin!

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8800 Roeselare
+32 51 23 29 00

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