With a new season comes a new designer (Sandra Buyck). One that breathes new life into Titto and throws away the rulebook. With a new vision that breaks way for fresh and innovative designs comes an approach that feels younger and more dynamic.

This autumn Titto welcomes change and embraces it. Cue new materials. Cue new shapes. Still, the power of Titto is unchanged. The usage of semiprecious stones playfully dances with the addition of new geometric shapes. While boundaries are being broken and new horizons sought out, the quality and diversity is unaltered.

Titto has the power to introduce you to sharp and minimalistic designs as well as sculptural colour splashes. Each item accessible. Each item fashionable. Make them fit to your personal style and dare to break the rules with us.


Punch, audacity and confidence are the keywords for next season. Designed with strong women in mind, Titto’s AW’17 collection brings a new thrilling modernity to life.

Romantic floral lovers will drift away on a green wave with ‘Green oasis’ in which gloomy gardens play the lead. In case your back garden is too close for you, you can board on a trip to outer space where ‘Cosmic crush’ breaks all boundaries.

In ‘Urban tribes’ a mutual desire for love and peace is expressed with bohemian details and a welcome shot of warm sand colours that will excite your inner hippie. While dreaming of snow and sleigh rides, ‘Winter wonderland’ will satisfy your appetite.

Fine’ has pulled out all the stops this autumn and encourages you to do the same. Rip up the rulebook, mix and match according to your heart’s desire and reveal your personality and style.



Ready for take-off? Prepare to go on a space voyage with Titto’s ‘Cosmic crush’-collection. The stars have certainly aligned this season with enchanting jewellery that seems to be moving on its own, mystical agate stones and gravity defining geometrical pieces.

While exploring your limitless options you’ll soon find out that mixing and matching is more innovative than ever with fusions of different materials and designs. All of it linked together by a rich colour palette of dark deep tones in beetroot and imperial blue.


Thick carpets of snow, twinkle lights in the street and warm drinks by the fire… Aside from the dark days and cold nights, there’s also something magical about winter. Titto helps you unleash your inner ice queen in a ‘Winter wonderland’ that’s the perfect mix of ice-cold tones and cosy softness.

From furry pompon earrings that sway playfully with every step to cool crystal cube necklaces and frosted metallic scarves that keep you toasty warm.


Whether you are the type of woman who makes combining patterns and colours look effortless or you prefer a more minimal streamlined outfit, we all crave a little bit extra peace and love. You’ll instantly love the way these textured surfaces and warm shades of cinnamon and sand easily pair with your daily aesthetic.

By adding leather, big earrings, metallic accents and chic tassels, Titto’s ‘Urban tribes’ modernised our bohemian love affair to a new hippie chic. No more flowers in our hair, but strong and confident designs that aren’t afraid to clash colours and draw from different influences.


Gloomy gardens, mysterious botanicals, thick wilderness and dark romantic flowers… If florals for spring aren’t innovative enough for you, then they just might do the trick this autumn. Raw and minimalistic bracelets are paired with chic green beading finished with golden accents to create your own secret garden.

No need for green fingers to incorporate these organic greens into your own ‘Green oasis’. Just rely on your instincts, think jungle and let the animal prints guide the way…


When looking at today’s modern women, Titto sees a craving to make each day and each outfit as unique as possible. That’s where the ‘Titto fine’ collection steps in. An elegant and interchangeable collection that can be mixed and matched according to your heart’s desire. Whether you prefer the simple playfulness of a dainty bracelet or combine it with a matching necklace and dangling earrings, you can stack and mismatch these items for a unique look day after day.

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