For spring/summer 2018 Titto’s designer, Sandra, continues to breathe new life into Titto. Continuing with her vision to bring a younger and more dynamic approach to Titto since AW17, Sandra took Titto’s identity to the next level by taking on the next logical step, photography. As an ex-photography student, it only made sense for Sandra to oversee each detail of Titto’s new and innovative DNA by translating her designs into the imagery that’s catapulted onto the client and Titto woman.

This spring/summer 2018 Titto continues to surprise and inspire us with new materials and shapes. Rubber, rose gold, fabric and colourful stainless steel was added into Titto’s mix, but the power of what we’ve all come to love about Titto remains unaltered. The usage of semiprecious stones is continued but enriched by more colour combinations. While new horizons are continuously sought out, the quality and diversity of the Titto brand remains loyal to its heritage.

These new materials and colours brought forward a sense of freedom for Titto’s designer, that helps her to design unique and refreshing jewellery and scarves that will certainly surprise you. This feeling of freedom and possibilities is translated into four themes, each as unique and different as the next. While the ‘True Blue’ collection explores the deep blue sea and open skies, ‘Urban Geisha’ allows us to borrow from Japan’s women of mystery. Colourseekers will certainly find what they are looking for in ‘Dirty Pastels’ where bright beads and washed away tones remind us of our first love and friendship. If those hues aren’t bright enough yet ‘Candyland’ will definitely do the trick with its powerful colours that have you wondering whether or not you might have set foot into a candy store. For every theme, there’s a fine and delicate item to match in ‘Titto Fine’. But you can just as easily mix and match within these four collections. This season the options are more colourful and braver than ever before.

Titto has a unique power to introduce you to different shapes and designs as well as incorporating colourful splashes into your daily outfit. Each item is accessible. Each item is fashionable. Each piece is unique. Make them fit into your personal style and dare to explore the possibilities of complete freedom with us.


Boldness, bravery, innovation and refreshment. That’s what Titto has to offer for spring/summer 2018. While Titto’s AW17 collection took its first steps towards a more daring and modern image, designer Sandra brings her vision to new and unforeseen heights this season. Staying true to Titto’s clientele of strong, individual, unique and modern women, an intriguing mix of new materials is introduced for SS18.

These new materials, ranging from the incorporation of rose gold, stainless steel and colourful metallic to the interweaving of fabrics, rubber and various colourful semiprecious stones into jewellery establishes an overall feeling of liberty. Being free to wear what you like, how you like and when you like. Titto no longer limits itself to a certain amount of colours into a single piece, nor should you restrict yourself to how many pieces you wear at once. Indulge and dare to break all remaining boundaries together with us.

This sense of freedom and endless possibilities is further enhanced by Titto’s ‘True Blue’ collection where we explore the infinite shades of blue, both in sky and sea. Sailing across those deep blue oceans, we reach Japan’s brave new world where the modern-day ‘Urban Geisha’ dominates our intricate use of colour, imagery and patterns. For those who want to steer even further away from black, white and blues, there’s an abundance of colour to be discovered in both Titto’s ‘Dirty Pastels’ theme as the sweet punch within its ‘Candyland’ collection.

Titto brings new inspiration and materials forward and hopefully inspires you to do the same. Test your limits, mix and match freely and create your new vision and style. Be free!



Pleasing pastels receive a fresh injection for Titto’s SS18 ‘Dirty Pastels’ collection. While these soft, feminine and elegant hues go hand in hand with cute and girly connotations, you can just as easily style them in a modern, powerful and unexpected way.

Scarves in muted tones come to remind us of washed away dreams and young romantic escapades. Soft hued stones in peach, rose and apricot are incorporated as forbidden fruits into necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There’s nothing overly sweet to these seductive powder hues, but there is a sexy, romantic twist to these pastels that’s hard to trump.


Have a sweet tooth? Then Titto’s spring/summer 2018 ‘Candyland’ items will surely make your mouth water. Colourful tassels spruce up the finest necklaces, while an array of different coloured stones and beads intertwine into super bright rainbow-like accessories that have the ability to brighten up every mood. Allow vibrant scarves to complete your look just like a poppy candy wrapper ensures the perfect finishing touch.

There’s no need to play safe with this candy-coated jewellery; we promise they won’t break your teeth… As long as you don’t bite into them!


While donning several different colours is applauded, there can be a soothing tranquillity to sticking to a single colour palette. With Titto’s ‘True Blue’ theme, SS18 goes soaring through the skies and dives into the deepest blues. From Azure to sapphire and cobalt these sea-meets-sky shades offer unlimited options with over 50 shades of blue.

Ocean-inspired items are translated into fluid scarves adorned with wave-like sequined patterns and golden speckles that dance like stars glistening on the sea. Shining, blue metallic fabrics entwine with shimmering stones, beads and freshwater pearls that would make any mermaid jealous. For the skies, Titto incorporated elements of blue leather, fabrics and clear semiprecious stones that reflect sunlight and shooting stars. The softest blue scarves feel light as air, with translucent white clouds scattered upon them, ready to take your outfit to new heights.


There’s more to a geisha than white makeup and red lipstick. For spring/summer 2018 these Japanese women of mystery and entertainment serve as an otherworldly inspiration for Titto’s ‘Urban Geisha’ collection. Steering clear from stereotypical imagery, Titto took Japan’s traditional geisha get up and spun it into a modern makeover.

Drawing upon the Asian mystique, the geisha’s elements were translated into feminine accessories that sway both playfully and seductively with every careful step. Floating tassels, colourful beaded patterns, peacock feathers and designs with unique floral patterns add splashes of colour to graphic black and white patterns and bring imagery of the other side of the world to your daily wardrobe and style.


Looking for a softer working of Titto’s SS18 themes and trends? The ‘Titto Fine’ collection has got you covered. This elegant and interchangeable collection can be mixed and matched with everything from Titto’s spring/summer 2018 pieces, but even with those from seasons before. By stacking, adding and mismatching jewellery pieces, today’s modern women have the power to have it all and to cherish it year after year. Thanks to the usage of natural hues, stones and silver or golden finishes these pieces easily become indispensable in your everyday life and can be worn across all seasons. Like every collection, ‘Titto Fine’ also has a novelty to share, being its unique statement pieces. Strong and architectural cuffs that can be worn on your wrist, arm and neck to spruce up any outfit for a tougher look or to downplay in clean simplicity. Like we said, today’s women can have it all. So why shouldn’t a statement piece be everlasting as well?

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